04 August | Grupo Ayé

Grupo Ayé is a high energy ten-piece Latin orchestra sure to please with a mixture of Cuban Timba, Salsa, Bachata, Merengué and Latin Jazz. This is sure to be a highlight of the summer!

Mark your calendars. This will be an audio and visual experience you won't want to miss. Below, please enjoy a video featured on PBS.

"I love him to the moon and back"

We know you mean it, and what better way to express your feelings than to hire a real life astronaut to MC your wedding!

And who wouldn't love to have an entertaining magician to cleverly reveal each magical moment.

"Scored" that big contract you've been working on for month? It's time to celebrate. Yes, we absolutely have sports figures to help you host your big event.

Best Live Sound Around

The impact of a quality sound system and competent live sound engineer should never be underestimated. A good ear and knowledge of tendencies of certain frequencies in a room can make the difference between a good show and a mind-blowing, soul pleasing deeply satisfying experience where the kick drum actually kicks, the vocals are crisp and pristine and the band's sound envelops the listener but doesn't induce pain.

Life with Dignity

An annual fundraising event to help provide Hospice Services | The opportunity to spend our last days living in dignity and peace is not an opportunity all of us have, but you can help more people realize this gift of life with your help.

Each year Freshwater Events helps to produce the Chip in Fore Munson Hospice event. 100% of the proceeds received benefits hospice services such as providing oxygen distribution in Hospice House, or buying a vehicle to provide in home Hospice Services.

Need a DJ?

We recommend and represent a number of D.J.'s in the northern Michigan region and are dedicated to delivering the music experience you desire on your big day.

We manage bookings for D.J. Heart, one of the few top female D.J.'s in our region.

Check her out, click here: http://DJheartbeats.com

Contact us today to schedule a free no obligation appointment to meet with one of our representatives. http://freshwaterevents.com/inquire

28 March | Podcast Workshop


Traverse City | If you've ever considered producing your own Podcast, this is your chance to demo different gear and learn from Podcasting experts, such as Michael Moran (creator of "Drink My Brewcast" and many others http://quarterafterproductions.com), the ins and outs of producing a podcast. 

Freshwater Events and Marshall Music will be demonstrating a variety of tools and techniques including microphones, recording, and audio editing equipment