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Freshwater Collective

So what is the Freshwater Collective?: Many of the regions outstanding musicians perform as the Freshwater Collective, to bring you unique professional entertainment experiences unavailable elsewhere in our region. The Freshwater Collective is a reflection of our clients wishes and desires.

New Music: BringIng You Our Best The Freshwater Collective show band is constantly growing and has become the premier band in the region. Our show includes a ton of new music and we're putting fresh new talented artists on the stage in our 2022 season along with talent you already know and love. If you want to check us out before you hire us, we host showcases for event planners throughout the year.

Also featuring a Great Gatsby Revival: The Freshwater Collective brings you amazing dynamic Big Bands with full horn sections and/or our Great Gatsby DJ Services performing the greatest hits of the 1920's. Click here to learn more.

A sampler of our 10-piece Freshwater Collective cover-band

If you like what you hear and would like to be the first to be informed about what's going on in the Freshwater Collective entertainment universe, click here

Fun is in the air. Events, parties, and weddings are our favorites and we'd love to share your  day with you by creating wonderful memories. Freshwater Events is here to help you navigate through all of your entertainment options. We help make your day worry free.

We have a number of bands ready to deliver your choices of musical experience. Are you looking for something different? Our highly skilled musicians can also create finely crafted bands for your special occasion in order to create just the musical experience you desire.

Video provided by: Michael Toms

Our musical experiences include:

  • A 70's / 80's Dance Party Show Band  | UNDER DEVELOPMENT 2023
  • Great Gatsby: megahit songs from the 1920's (Live big band and/or DJ's available) | NEW 2021
  • Country Music favorites | NEW 2020
  • Joy Decision | Joy Division covers (experience the British Invasion) | NEW 2019
  • Imagine Fleetwood Mac | a tribute band | NEW 2019
  • Yacht Rock | popular soft rock NEW 2019
  • Jimmy Buffett | Tribute Band
  • Funk (dance party - traditional p-funk and jam style)
  • Latin (Salsa, AfroCuban and more)
  • Motown | your favorite Motown hits
  • Paul Simon | a tribute band
  • Peter, Paul, & Mary | Tribute Band
  • Simon and Garfunkel Tribute | a recreation of their iconic concert in New York Central Park complete with horn section
  • The New Orleans Experience | featuring music of the Big Easy
  • Rhythm and Blues | honoring the great tradition of American homegrown music
  • The WW-II Era Big Band | featuring music popular in the 40's and 50's
  • Party and Dance Band | to the soundtrack of our lives
  • and much more


If you are planning a party or wedding, please fill out our online form. We will then check our dates, and send you a rough quote. Ask us any questions; we want to get a feel for the kind of event you are planning. From there, we can provide you with more detailed information tailored to your specific event and needs. Contact Us: Click Here

  • SEE US Freshwater Events hosts regular ‘showcases’ where we try to give you as accurate an idea of what an event with us is like. We will showcase all our band sizes and styles so you can decide what suits you. Join us for a fun night! Sit down and talk to us one-on-one and meet the band.
  • DEPOSIT and RESERVATION If you like what you see, you can reserve the band securely for your date by placing a 20% deposit. Payment can be made via check, credit card, bank transfer, or in person at a showcase. You don't need to have a perfectly defined schedule yet - just enough so that we know we're all on the same page.
  • PLAN WITH US We know that it takes time to plan for everything from your venue, catering, decorations and logistics. we'll be ready when you are to work on the live entertainment component of your event. Alternatively share the general vibe you're looking for with us, and we'll develop a proposal for you based upon your input..
  • FINAL CONFIRMATION As soon as your plan is in place, we'll formally run through your time-line for the day, and work to assure that it’s well executed.
  • THE BIG DAY With everything well organized, enjoy "your day" and celebrate it with amazing entertainment!

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