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Hi, I’m M’Lynn Hartwell the founder of Freshwater Events, LLC.

Our family-owned event-production and audio-services company, along with many of the performers we share our lives and careers with, have always endeavored to give back to our community either directly through entertainment services or via financial gifting. In fact since 1970 our policy has been to donate a healthy portion of our business profits to help heal the world.

Our first Winter Music performance took place pre-covid, performing to a packed house at the TC Circuit in Traverse City on 14th. Street. While we have been on hiatus with this project in part due to the pandemic, it feels like a good time to revisit the idea of hosting (local, original, and world) music of the winter season; stuff that isn't necessarily what we hear playing on the radio.

Winter Music is a FREE three part online series featuring regional entertainment supporting regional agencies that are providing critical assistance to children and families in our region.

Our next online performance is scheduled for January 29, 2022 at 7pm. We will be raising funds for
The Grand Traverse Area Children's Garden and featuring the music of Seth Bernard, The Secret Family Band, and the 20 piece Congregational Church Choir under the baton of Russ Larimer.

I am thrilled that Cristal Frost has offered to continue to be our official spokesperson for this three-part 'concert series to do good' in our region. We love her. And it means the world to us to have so many talented creative individuals in our community on-board helping to bring this concert series to your screens.

All we need now is you. It is our hope that you will join us and that we can combine the effectiveness of our efforts, as we endeavor to do whatever we can to keep our community strong, healthy, and safe.

Much Love,

PS Any donations you wish to contribute in support of the production of this event will be distributed to the kind hearted hard-working people that made this all happen with much gratitude and appreciation | CLICK HERE

Our December 18 show is supporting the following agencies

  • Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan | Phone 231-946-8975 | DONATE NOW 

  • Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center | Phone 231-929-4250  | DONATE NOW

  • Women’s Resource Center | Phone 231-941-1210  | DONATE NOW



With Our Gratitude | WINTER MUSIC | Episode 1 Production Partners

Many thanks to Christal Frost from the bottom of our hearts

  • Christal Frost, We love you. Please check out Christal's online channel. She's awesome.

Thank you so much to our performing artists for your generosity and sharing your amazing talent

We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support in this production

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