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Our initiative to CONNECT the dots in our regional live entertainment universe -- venues, talent, audience, and events -- for our mutual benefit is off to a great start.

If you are new here, please take a moment to get connected via the links below. It only takes a couple minutes.

At your service, M'Lynn Hartwell, Director of Possibilities


If you hire live entertainment


If you are a performer / musician


If you are a fan of great music

Okay, So What's in it for me?

The heart and soul of the Freshwater Events coalition concept.

Are you a Performing Artist? Talented musicians are always on the lookout for new venues and opportunities to engage with live audiences. We help performers find work. All of our bands, entertainers, and DJ's are professionals and arrive plug and play ready to perform. Click Here

Do you appreciate amazing live entertainment? Audiences are critical when it comes to the success of many of our venues and artists. Building a reliable and trusted brand is the heart and soul of the Freshwater Events coalition experience. We are connecting a network of affiliates that people can depend on to deliver above and beyond expectations every time. Audiences want to be assured that if they make the time and effort to get to your venue to experience live entertainment, that it will be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. We endeavor to deliver audiences. Click Here

Are you a Venue? Do you want fresh professional talent, but don't always know where to find new exciting performing artists? For venues, audiences AKA customers and consumers, are the bottom line. Customers keep the doors open and the lights on. Our goal is to help venues find the talent they need, and drive new audiences to their door. We want to help venues succeed. Click Here

You mean the world to us. With just one phone call or email you are able to harness the talents of all the professionals that you require in order to make your event a memorable success. From planning, negotiating contracts, on site management, to negotiating with and hiring live entertainers, DJ's, catering and crews, photographic and video services, we are here for you.

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