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Artist Management

Effective Artist Managers today involves a lot more than simply booking gigs. We endeavor to create/improve your bands brand equity to create direct revenue streams, as well as strategic partnerships, creating visibility (increasing brand equity) and income.

The name of the game is "Business Development," an area where most managers are completely unprepared. We have over thirty years of brand marketing experience under our belt. We'd love your consideration, and an opportunity to represent your band. Bands appreciate the fact that we own our own professional audio systems, and have professional audio engineers on staff, that we own our own electrical generators (allowing you to hold your event in places where electricity isn't available) and much more. We are the only agency in our region capable of delivering everything you require with just one call (or email).

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Freshwater Events monitors the marketplace and understands fan-base preferences and helps clients find the best band to most successfully fit their demographic. We attend dozens of band rehearsals and help to arrange and refine performances based upon decades of experience serving clients. Freshwater Events brings musicians together and played a major role in the creation of several bands. Freshwater Events spends thousands-of-dollars on the behalf of artists to produce and distribute marketing materials and studio tracks to support performers; a portion of nearly every day is dedicated to developing new opportunities and venues.

Freshwater Events always works hard to make sure that musicians are paid the full amount negotiated in a timely manner, even when our client is unexpectedly experiencing cash flow issues. When we like a venue, but they tell us that they can't afford a particular musician/band, Freshwater Events will often make up the difference from a fund we've established for this purpose, because our priority is to always deliver great performances at great venues. 

Freshwater Events is the only agency in the Great Lakes region to provides wrap around services for professional working musicians, from bookings to back-line support. Freshwater Events books more great shows than anybody else in the region and is one of the biggest advocates for high quality live music you will find anywhere

We do far more than book bands. We are your gig support partner, providing everything you require for a successful performance. Gear failures happen, and sometimes bands need an extra piece of gear they don't have. We are there for you with:

  • Microphone cables if yours are having problems or you need some extras.
  • Microphones and mic stands (including specialty microphones in our inventory)
  • Audio monitors
  • Audio systems, from mains to entire PA systems, we have it all
  • Spare power supply are available for most keyboards, guitar pedal-boards, and some brands of audio mixers
  • Guitars strings (we carry a full set of electric and acoustic strings at all times just in case)
  • Batteries are one of the number one failures, so we make sure to have plenty in popular sizes.
  • Effect pedals for guitars
  • Vocal processing gear (vocal effects and harmonizers)
  • Professionally mix and optimize your live sound using state of the art equipment
  • Record live and studio performances
  • Backline assistance

Freshwater Events even has our own fan-base. Because we set our live performance standards high. At nearly every show we manage, somebody in attendance comes up an tells us that they are here, not necessary because they know the band, but because Freshwater Events always hosts great music and has the best live sound around. We take our responsibility seriously. Always have. Always will.

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Freshwater Events endeavors to provide a memorable experience for people with diverse musical tastes!

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Serving artists, venues, event planners, festivals, corporations, individuals, institutions, and organizations in the Great Lakes Region and beyond

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