Employment Available

We are currently seeking the following for the 2020 Concert/Event Season:

We have a need for church sound people. This is a paying gig on Sunday mornings. We will train you as long as you have a basic knowledge of how sound systems work, especially digital mixing boards.

Research Assistant | 2 Wanted / 1 Remains Available
Work from home (create your schedule between 9am and 5pm weekdays)
Requirements: You must have a computer, a good internet connection, and a telephone. You must be knowledgeable in the use of spreadsheets, databases, and other programs typically found useful in managing an office & organization. No personal transportation is currently required. This is a work at home position.
Contact us for additional information and telephone interview (10am to Noon weekdays only): Call 231.715.1112 or email us to set up a telephone interview at a time that is convenient for you ResearchAssistant@FreshwaterEvents.com

Sales Manager(s) | currently available throughout Michigan

  • Regional | The "Region" currently includes all of Michigan and to a lesser extent the Great Lakes states.
  • District | Districts are assigned by the management and/or the regional sales manager. You will report to your regional sales manager.

We are booking entertainment at venues throughout Michigan and beyond. We can no longer be everywhere we'd like to be in a timely manner, and need some professional help. You will report to the Sales Manager or executive management.
Requirements: Computer, Telephone, Personal Vehicle. You must be clean, neat, present yourself well, dress for success, be articulate and have a good sense of responsibility and dedication.
Compensation: Negotiable. You will receive a commission based upon sales and a quarterly bonus based upon profits. Write to us for additional details and we'll follow up with a phone call.
email: Sales@FreshwaterEvents.com

General Assistance / Stage Hands
This job may involve physical labor, and is offered on a contract basis.
You must be clean, neat, present yourself well and have a good sense of responsibility and dedication. A nondescript black wardrobe is useful on stage. You must be able to wrangle heavy objects from time to time.
Compensation: Payment is based upon experience. Wages start at $12 p/hour. 

Audiovisual Equipment Installer
Our Freshwater Audio division has expanded to the point we need to contract with additional installers in order to keep up with our workload. The wage range is $20 - $30 per hour for qualified individuals. Installer@FreshwaterAudio.com


Additional Terms:

We are seeking individuals that are ready, able, and willing to go to work. It's important that you are skilled in these areas, and not simply intrigued by the possibilities, You may not have any felonies on your record. You must consent to possible random drug testing. We reserve the right to do background and work record history checking, and to research your references (a minimum of 3 required)