It's your party | Live Band vs. DJ vs. Playlist

It's your party. We make it awesome.

Your wedding ceremony or company party is the reason friends, relatives, and peers have “gathered here today.” This is the heart of your day, and the music you choose for your event should be an honest reflection of you (and your partner).

Before you create a playlist with your best songs, you’ve got to choose how to deliver your favorites. Here’s the breakdown.

In the “unforgettable experiences” department, physical instruments and musicians trump a guy with a laptop any day. On the other hand, booking live talent is more expensive. If you want a live show in your honor, you’ll have to pay for it. Make sure the band can actually play the songs that are most important to you. You may want to check out our selection of live musical experiences:

DJs have most of the hits at their fingertips. Hiring a DJ is also more affordable. It’s also less complicated: A string quartet or a nine-piece cover band probably needs more space and power supply than a DJ, so hiring a DJ may open up your venue options. The downside is everyone knows a DJ … or 10. The title’s thrown around pretty loosely these days, which means there’s a higher risk of accidentally hiring a total vibe-killer. Screen potential DJ's very carefully. Many are happy to sit down with you and help craft a unique and satisfying experience. Some DJs even have demos available, demonstrating their ability to mix songs together into a performance. Freshwater Events have established relationships with super talented DJs in the region, and would we be happy to help you select the right one for your event.

When you hire a DJ, you’re (hopefully) hiring experience. Professional DJ's have a talent for feeling the crowds vibe and keeping the energy on the dance floor high—and can even give the party CPR when necessary—something you can’t do when you self-DJ through a playlist. Sure, you can stack up your your favorite tunes, but keeping your party (presumably a wide age range, with a lot of people over the age of 50) on the dance floor requires some experience and talent. For the sake of your success, we recommend that you hire professionals, but if you choose to do it yourself, at least get the right gear for the job. Rent our professional sound gear