IMPORTANT | Book Your 2021 Event Entertainment ASAP | Here's Why

It's time to book live entertainment and DJ's for 2021 now! As soon as you set your wedding/event date, make a down-payment and book your entertainment.

Here's Why

In a word, COVID-19.

Due to increased bookings within a fewer number of months there is a growing shortage of available dates, especially on weekends. We not only have folks that are already on our books for summer of 2021, but now we have events / weddings being rescheduled due to COVID-19 seeking fall 2021 dates as well. We want to deliver the best we have to offer to you, so please it's really important for you to confirm your event / entertainment date ASAP.

Why hire the best?

This is your special day. Your event. You have a choice. Will your guests leave before the evening activities begin, or will the most important people in your life stay and dance the night away, and tell the story of "that one amazing night you all spent together", for the rest of your life. Only the best in the entertainment business know how to get the most out of your wedding/event and create positive memorable experiences.

The simple fact is, there are actually very few top-tier musicians and DJ's in any given market. Certainly not enough to always meet demand. So if you don't book early, especially now, what you are left to choose from is what's left. Top talent may cost slightly more, but it is worth it for what you get, in talent, professionalism, and amazing stage presence.

It's 2020's and this decade we will feature the music and vibe of the 1920's reborn

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