Due to Coronavirus

Michigan Safe Start Regions

UPDATED: May 06, 2021

The success of the vaccine rollout is making us feel hopeful that better days are just around the corner. Because we are feeling optimistic, we are booking live entertainment outdoors (open air) where there is fresh air starting in July. We are booking events in tents (no walls) with access to fresh air starting in August. Depending upon the success of the campaign to vaccinate enough people wherein we can achieve so called herd-immunity, we are tentatively considering indoor venues (including tents with wall) beginning once community spread is finally brought under control.

For the 2021 event season, we are carefully considering each event opportunity with State mandates and health implications on our mind. We will consider events complying with the new MDHHS mandate on a case by case basis and urge you to contact us if you'd like us to take a look at your proposal. We are currently only providing services in "MI Safe Start" Region 6.

Have You Considered Live-streaming?
We are encouraging wedding and event clients to consider live-streaming these days and confidently assure you that our new high quality broadcast grade production gear will meet or exceed your expectations. Our production personnel have produced national and regional commercials and other broadcast content for decades, so we have the expertise and resources to do it right.

We have rentals
If you'd like to proceed with your event, we are happy to rent you state of the art audio systems and lighting packages. You will provide your own music. All of our rental systems are sanitized both prior to and following your use. Click here to learn more about our rentals (we set up and pick up when you're event is over) http://freshwaterevents.com/rental

Now Booking 2021-2022
We are booking / holding dates secured with a deposit for the 2021-2022 event season. If the date you select becomes undoable due to our extended public health crises, your deposit will be applied toward a rescheduled date. We are cautiously hopeful that our industry will be back, at least on a limited bases by July/August, depending upon how the vaccine rollout goes. We all long to return to normal

We'd love to talk with you. Please click the Booking tab (top right of page) or drop us an email at Bookings@FreshwaterEvents.com

Michigan Statewide Covid Mandate | a clarification

Gathering restrictions for entertainment facilities, recreational facilities, and food service establishments.

I therefore order that:

  1. Definitions.
    1. "Camp" means a day, residential, travel, or troop camp for children (as defined by Rule 400.11101(1)(q) of the Michigan Administrative Code).
    2. "Child care organization" means that term as defined by section 1(b) of the Child Care Organizations Act, 1973 PA 116, as amended, MCL 722.111(b)). 
    3. "Contact sports" means sports involving more than occasional and fleeting contact, including: football; basketball; rugby; field hockey; soccer; lacrosse; wrestling; hockey; boxing; futsal; martial arts with opponents; and other sports meeting those criteria.
    4. "Competition" means a game of skill played between opposing teams.
    5. "Employee" means that term as defined in section 2(c) of the Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, 2018 PA 337, as amended, MCL 408.932(c), and also includes independent contractors.
    6. "Entertainment and recreational facility" includes: auditoriums; cinemas; concert halls; performance venues; sporting venues; theaters; night clubs; strip clubs; water parks; archery ranges; amusement parks; arcades; bingo halls; bowling centers; casinos; gun ranges; laser tag arenas; trampoline parks; and the like. 
    7. "Exercise facility" means a location in which individuals participate in individual or group physical activity, including gymnasiums, fitness centers, and exercise studios. 
    8. "Face mask" means a tightly woven cloth or other multi-layer absorbent material that closely covers an individual's mouth and nose. 
    9. "Fully vaccinated persons" means persons for whom at least two weeks has passed after receiving the final dose of an FDA-approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccine.
    10. "Food service establishment" means that term as defined in section 1107(t) of the Food Law, 2000 PA 92, as amended, MCL 289.1107(t).
    11. "Gathering" means any occurrence, either indoor or outdoor, where two or more persons from more than one household are present in a shared space.
    12. "Household" means a group of persons living together in a shared dwelling with common kitchen or bathroom facilities. In dwellings with shared kitchen or bathroom facilities occupied by 20 or more unrelated persons, households are defined by individuals who share a bedroom. 
    13. "Indoors" means within a space that is fully or partially enclosed on the top, and fully or partially enclosed on two or more contiguous sides. Additionally, in a space that is fully or partially enclosed on the top, and fully or partially enclosed on two non-contiguous sides, any part of that space that is more than 8 feet from an open side is indoors.
    14. "Non-contact sports" means sports that are not contact sports.  
    15. "Outdoors" means a space that is not indoors. 
    16. "Organized sports" means competitive athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and organized by a sports organizer.
    17. "Practice" means a training session for a game of skill, involving only members of a single team. 
    18. "Principal symptoms of COVID-19" means at least 1 of fever, uncontrolled cough, or atypical new onset of shortness of breath, or at least 2 of the following not explained by a known physical condition: loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, sore throat, severe headache, diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain. Per section 1(j) of 2020 PA 339, this definition represents the latest medical guidance, and serves as the controlling definition.
    19. "Sports organizer" means an association or other organization that sets and enforces rules to ensure the physical health and safety of all participants for an organized sport. Sports organizers at the sub-association level must follow all health and safety rules and procedures set by the association of which they are a member.
    20. "Stadiums and arenas" means venues with fixed seating for at least 5,000 spectators.  
  2. General capacity limitations at gatherings.  
    1. Indoor gatherings:
      1. Are prohibited at residential venues, except where no more than 15 persons from no more than 3 households are gathered.
      2. Are prohibited at non-residential venues, except where no more than 25 persons are gathered.
    2. Outdoor gatherings are permitted only as follows: 
      1. At residential venues, where 50 persons are gathered. Or, where density does not exceed 20 persons per 1,000 square feet of outdoor space, up to 300 persons may be gathered;
      2. At non-residential venues, where 300 or fewer persons are gathered. 
    3. The limitations to gatherings in sections 2(a) and 2(b) do not apply to:
      1. Incidental gatherings of persons in a shared space, such as frequently occur in an airport, bus station, exercise facility, food service establishment, shopping mall, or public pool, except as prohibited in section 3;
      2. Workplace gatherings that occur consistent with the Emergency Rules issued by MIOSHA on October 14, 2020, and subsequently extended;
      3. Voting or official election-related activities;
      4. Training of law enforcement, correctional, medical, or first responder personnel, insofar as those activities cannot be conducted remotely;
      5. Education and support services at public, nonpublic, and boarding schools serving students in prekindergarten through grade 12; 
      6. Children in a child care organization, after school program, or camp setting; 
      7. Persons traveling on a school bus or public transit;
      8. Gatherings for the purpose of medical treatment, including mental health and substance use disorder support services;
      9. Residential care facilities, which are subject to the March 17, 2021, epidemic order entitled "Requirements for Residential Facilities," or any replacement of that order;
      10. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses and swimming instruction courses;
      11. Proctored, nationally-administered admissions and certification examinations that are not available remotely, provided that examinees are spaced no less than 6 feet apart;
      12. Gatherings at entertainment and recreational facilities that comply with the restrictions set forth in section 3(a) of this order;
      13. Gatherings for the purposes of indoor group fitness, exercise, or sports that comply with the restrictions set forth in sections 4(b), 4(d), 4(e), and 6 of this order;
      14. Gatherings for public health or other emergency purposes;
      15. Gatherings of public bodies and attendees of meetings held by public bodies in compliance  with the Open Meetings Act, MCL 15.261 et seq.  
    4. As a condition of hosting a gathering under this order, organizers and facilities must design the gathering to encourage and maintain physical distancing, and must ensure that persons not part of the same group maintain 6 feet of distance from one another to the extent possible. 
  3. Gathering restrictions for entertainment facilities, recreational facilities, and food service establishments. 
    1. Gatherings are prohibited at entertainment facilities and recreational facilities unless: 
      1. Venues and activities held at those venues comply with masking and distancing requirements in this subsection. Venues that cannot consistently adhere to these requirements (e.g., water parks, dance floors at a nightclub, or children's indoor playgrounds inasmuch as staff are not present to prevent physical contact) may not be open.
        1. Patrons must remain masked at all times, except when eating or drinking in designated areas; 
        2. Groups of patrons participating in activities together (such as those seated together at a concert or movie, or bowling in the same lane or group of lanes) must not exceed 25 persons indoors, or 300 persons outdoors;
        3. Patrons must be prevented from mingling with or engaging in physical contact with persons outside their group; and
        4. For sports practice and competition, participants must comply with the restrictions set forth in section 6;
      2. If participating in stationary activities, groups are spaced or seated at least 6 feet apart. If participating in non-stationary activities, groups maintain a consistent 6 feet of distance from other groups at all times;
      3. Consumption of food or beverages is permitted only where patrons are seated, groups of patrons are separated by at least 6 feet, no more than 6 patrons are seated at a table, and groups of patrons do not intermingle;
      4. Venues that are also food service establishments, as a condition of offering food or beverages, ensure their designated dining areas comply with all requirements in subsection (b);
      5. Venues abide by the following density limitations:
        1. Where applicable, occupancy must not exceed 50% of the limits established by the State Fire Marshal or a local fire marshal; and
        2. Groups must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times;
      6. Venues abide by the following maximum capacity limitations:
        1. For indoor entertainment and recreational facilities, no more than 300 patrons may be gathered within any distinct space within the venue;
        2. For outdoor entertainment and recreational facilities, and for outdoor stadiums and arenas, no more than 1,000 patrons may be gathered unless the facility proceeds under subsection (G);
        3. At indoor stadiums and arenas with a fixed seating capacity of up to 10,000, no more than 375 patrons may be gathered; 
        4. At indoor stadiums and arenas with a fixed seating capacity greater than 10,000, no more than 750 patrons may be gathered;
        5. At outdoor stadiums and arenas with a fixed seating capacity of up to 10,000, no more than 1,000 patrons may be gathered;
        6. At outdoor stadiums and arenas with a fixed seating capacity of greater than 10,000, no more than 1,500 patrons may be gathered;
        7. At outdoor entertainment and recreational facilities, outdoor stadiums and arenas that establish and abide by an infection control plan that complies with the MDHHS publication entitled Large Outdoor Events Guidance issued May 4, 2021, gatherings may not exceed 20% of the venue's fixed seating capacity or 20 persons per 1,000 square feet, whichever is greater. Such venues must post their plan publicly, including on a public website. Infection control plans must be provided to the local health department at least seven days before scheduled events. Sports organizers of events occurring at outdoor stadiums and arenas proceeding under this subsection must administer a testing program as specified in the MDHHS publication entitled Interim Guidance for Athletics issued May 4, 2021. 

MDHHS issues Emergency Order designed to protect the health and safety of all Michiganders | https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98178_98455_98456_103043-558489--,00.html