The Livestreaming Pros You Deserve

It is our pleasure to be able to offer you live-streaming/production services for events, or help you to manage/host your event using popular streaming services such as youtube, facebook, google, or zoom. If you've attempted this yourself, you may have discovered that it's not as easy as it may at first appear to produce a seamless high quality professional production.

We started producing broadcast quality video way back in the days before it became a popular and necessary trend due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With a decades deep background working behind the camera producing footage for the ABC television network and finding ourselves behind the camera creating footage for feature films, we have the technology and talent to deliver and exceed your expectations.

We even offer our own broadcast quality streaming media servers if you wish to step it up a notch and broadcast superior quality audio and video on private dedicated media servers. We can also help you navigate the utilization of satellite uplink/downlink services for private corporate live online national/international events.

Freshwater Events, LLC is known for installing professional audio and video systems (including live-stream gear) for business, education, and place of worship.

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