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We Shoot Video

We shoot video

Before Freshwater Events LLC was born, our management team was already involved in shooting film and video for our nationwide  advertising/communication agency Utopian Empire Creativeworks and Photo Communication Services, Inc., serving regional and Fortune 500 corporations with their visual communication needs, as well as providing "B-Roll" for ABC Television Networks and feature films seen at the cinema.

Since returning home to NW Michigan in 1989, we have been growing and evolving in order to meet the wishes and needs of our clients.

In addition to event management and live sound Freshwater Events will soon offer a full suite of video services complimenting our audio productions, from prerecorded videos for advertising and marketing, to effective communication, promotion, and fun.

For the clarity and convenience of our clients, beginning in 2023, we will start rebranding as the "Freshwater" family of services:

We feel that this massive reorganization plan will help reduce confusion and clearly guide our clients to the service they want. This reorganization will not happen overnight, but will start now and continue through the end of 2022. Please be patient with us, because job number one is caring for our clients and assuring that they get the best service to be found anywhere.

  • FreshwaterNetworks is the home page for all services we offer.
  • Freshwater Events, LLC will continue to offer event management assistance, on-site logistical services, connecting clients with technology, venue and artist management that many in the Great Lakes region have depended upon for professional reliable services
  • Freshwater Audio will offer professional audio services, including location based recording services, systems installations, consultation, and studio services
  • Freshwater Video will offer live production, live as it is happening broadcasts, as well as on-location recording services for the purpose of advertising, marketing, effective communication, promotion, facilitating change, memorializing events, and just plan ole fun
  • Freshwater Collective the best in live music at your weddings and events
  • DJ Heart (beats) is our wedding and event DJ / MC business.
  • Utopian Empire Creativeworks is your first stop for original creative ideas, for the purpose of advertising, marketing, original design, effective communication, and promotions
  • Hartwell Productions is your source for original music.

Watch for our new webpage coming soon.