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Playing it Forward

Freshwater Events, LLC

Each and every year at least 10% of our profits are used to help heal the world.

Since our family owed business was established in 1970, it has been important for us at Freshwater Events, LLC, to “Play it Forward.”

Each year, undeterred by pandemic or inflation, since our founding, a minimum of ten percent (10%) of our profits are used to help heal the world. Our donations are given either directly in services or indirectly via cash donations.

We believe in building and maintaining strong, healthy, resilient communities

These days, when many of us are feeling overwhelmed by the perceived state of things, we sometimes forget to remember that “our community is our strength;” a vital living thing! Building and maintaining strong resilient communities is a human discipline directed toward the creation or enhancement of “community” with a shared need or interest. A wide variety of practices can be utilized in this endeavor ranging from simple events such as community picnics or social gatherings with a purpose, to large–scale efforts such as festivals involving local participants and live entertainment. 

If your organization or business shares in our enthusiasm and commitment toward the creation of a better world, it would be our honor and privilege to be your partner in the co-creation of memorable experiences. Through our combined efforts we can endeavor to address inequality and injustice, to reduce the negative impacts foisted upon disconnected and/or marginalized individuals, and work to mitigate harms to our environment (life support system).

It is our pleasure to provide a 50% discount to non-profit organizations doing good in our community and beyond. Freshwater Events, LLC, will always endeavor to support organizations advocating for the environment, human rights, and social justice.

Our Mission

To be kind to others. To be generous of heart. To be generous with our time. To be generous with our resources. To help others. 

It is our steadfast hope that others will feel inspired do the same. 

Love is a verb. Let's all endeavor to love just a little bit more.