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Winter Gigs: a comprehensive guide

by M’Lynn Harwell | Freshwater Events (from our Talent Toolkit)

Whenever possible, it is probably best to just say “no” to outdoor winter events in cold climates. It’s simply not a smart idea to play outdoor shows in the dead of winter, period. It’s tough on your instruments. It’s tough on audio gear. It’s tough on your hands. It’s tough on your lungs. It’s just plain tough.

There isn't a good way to protect the instruments, there isn't a good way to keep you feeling good, and, all in all, you’re likely to put on a mediocre performance! And for what? Oh, I know, I l know, gigs are few and far between in the winter, and bills must be paid. Every once in a while a hard to refuse big-cash opportunity might come your way, a Holiday, New Year’s gig, a community celebration in the city square perhaps. If you find that you are inclined to say “yes” this guide is for you. We hope that these ideas will help you to prepare for your upcoming battle with the extreme elements.