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We Provide a Safe Drinking Water Solution for Hurricane Maria Victims

Freshwater Events -- In the full realization of how fortunate we are to live in the Great Lakes region, a basin of pure fresh water carved out by glaciers holding 90% of the freshest purist water on earth. We know the value of water and we feel that we must do something to help reduce suffering.


Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are devastated. Two hurricanes plunged the island into darkness and despair. Crops perish in the fields. The landscape of ruined buildings and towns resemble Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped on it. Over three million people are desperate for food, water, electricity and shelter. Freshwater Events has one simple plea: Please help us to purchase water filtration systems to give to people in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands et all) that are becoming sick and dying from thirst, or consuming tainted water. These are people that need your immediate help.

We have a simple and elegant solution, and that is to provide high quality high volume water filtration units that are capable of producing more than five hundred gallons per day of safe drinking water, from any water source (each unit comes with a One Million Gallon Guarantee), such as water puddles, streams, rivers, and lakes.

We are purchasing these filters from the factory at NGO cost and shipping one-hundred water filtration systems at a time, at the request of people living on the islands affected by Hurricane Maria. 100% of the proceeds from your donation will benefit Hurricane Maria victims.

CLICK HERE TO FUND WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS Your contribution is life saving. Please help as you're able.

WATER FILTER DATA SHEETS Water purification kit includes: 1 – Sawyer 0.1 Absolute Micron Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter 1 – Adapter 1 – Hose 1 – Hole Cutter 1 – Filter tip cap 1 – Filter Hanger 1 – Cleaning Syringe 1 – Backwash instruction sticker for the bucket 1 – Detailed Instruction Sheet Flow rates: Microbiological Testing Results: If you wish to help purchase life saving filtration systems for victims of Hurricane Maria, please contribute here:

ONLINE CONTRIBUTIONS I set up an online account through my business. 100% of the proceeds you provide will be contributed toward the relief effort in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Click the Link below. 

FILTRATION SYSTEMS YOUR DONATIONS FUNDED TO DATE September 29 we ordered our first shipment of 100-filter systems to sent to Puerto Rico on an aircraft chartered by Friends of Puerto Rico . In November Miriam Pico, Jamie Kramer, and Morgan Burke-Beyers, hand-delivered an additional 50 filtration systems to people that need them the most.