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SPECIAL PRICING: The Amazing Presonus Revelator

PreSonus Revelator USB Mic Makes It Easy to Get That “Radio Sound” | Press  Releases | PreSonus

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Everybody is spending more time online these days. We want to help you sound your best. This is hands down the hottest Zoom / Podcast mic in the industry right now, and we are making a special buy, and are sure that you're going to want to get in on the deal.

Whether you’re looking for a USB microphone for vlogging, podcasting, or a simple recording solution for voice-overs–or your home studio–you want a microphone that will make your voice stand out. Revelator is designed to deliver polished, professional-sounding results with ease. Create with confidence right from the start.

More than a microphone, Revelator features voice effects to polish your sound—or completely transform it! Professionally-crafted presets make your voice stand out at the press of a button, thanks to the same award-winning sonic enhancement our StudioLive digital mixers provide. Additional effects let you emulate concert halls, OR AM radio for those times when you don’t want to sound smooth and polished.

Conferencing in Zoom calls for a podcast or recording gameplay when streaming can be a challenge… not anymore! Loopback audio is the secret to blending the audio from multiple applications without all the head-scratching. Revelator’s simple mixer makes this even easier by giving you two dedicated channels just for loopback audio on both macOS and Windows. This means you can mix and record the audio from two different applications on your computer along with your voice—all at the same time.



Freshwater Events, LLC made a special buy on the remarkable PRESONUS ATOM SQ and are passing the savings along to you at a very special price. You must write to us for pricing.

UPDATE: We only have two remaining in stock at this promotional price.

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We offer practical solutions and professional commercial product lines that meet the unique needs of our clients. From analysis to installation and training, we are your partner every step of the way.

  • From the classroom to the boardroom, the power of technology should work for you-not the other way around. The right audio visual system should do precisely what you need it to do. Freshwater Audio, LLC is uniquely qualified to design the right audio visual solution for you; our highly trained staff is committed to performing a thorough needs analysis and to offering application centered solutions.
  • Our audio visual design philosophy is to build systems that are easy to use, that enrich and enhance the delivery of your message, and that allow you to focus on your objectives without being distracted by the technology. Freshwater Audio, LLC is a leader in the integration of audio visual, pro sound, lighting systems and useful solutions. We provide comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity.
  • We are a leader in the integration of audio visual, pro sound, and educational technology systems and solutions. We provide comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. We provide solutions for educational institutions, for healthcare facilities, for corporate and government organizations, for entertainment and hospitality venues, for community theaters and performance venues, and for houses of worship.

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Whatever your AV needs, our company strives to exceed your expectations with a wide product range that has both function and style. You'll find in our product listings a large choice of pro audio installation to furnish your business.  We provide you with a full spectrum of Commercial AV Services, including AV for Education, Retail, Corporate, School, Church, etc. Our team can supply and install high-quality solutions, and diverse interactive tools. 

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Our professional installers are true experts in their field. With a consistent and high level of workmanship; they ensure you have a High-Quality AV Solution from trusted manufacturers. We invest in development and innovation in our techniques and procedures, ensuring that we use cutting-edge equipment and leading technologies to provide the ultimate service to our clients. 

Our staff are always at your service to provide you with professional advice so that you can make the best decisions regarding your individual AV needs. 

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We help you to manage problem acoustic challenges, through testing and analysis. 


Learn How To Livestream Like a Pro

Many people are happy to start streaming over the internet nothing more than their smartphone. This introduction is for people wishing to take the next step, but having no idea where to even begin.

To help you to figure this out, we will try to explain how to live stream in the simplest terms possible. We will go over the basic ingredients and steps of how to do a live stream, as well as provide some example setups.

It’s important to understand that each camera, encoder, and streaming platform is a bit different, but while UIs may vary, the fundamental principles of how to live stream stay the same, regardless of which equipment you are using or what it is you are planning to stream, understanding the basic components and steps will allow you to figure out how to live stream in any scenario, big or small. Click Here

We engineer and install appropriate audio, video, and lighting solutions that meet your needs.

If your priority is quality while still receiving a cost-effective audio visual service, then our company is the perfect option for you. 

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We offer a full range of commercial AV installation services.