Sennheiser 600 MHz trade in incentive

You rely on your wireless equipment for every performance and Sennheiser wants to make sure that you can continue to do so for years to come. Don’t risk problems with the changing frequency landscape. Act now to ensure that your wireless equipment is ready for the future. Sennheiser has been one of the most trusted partners in wireless technology for decades and we want to partner with you to keep your performances sounding just as good as you do!

June 23 – 25 | Michigan Clean Energy Conference & Fair

Traverse City - The Michigan Clean Energy Conference & Fair will be held in Traverse City June 23 – 25. Meet the new Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association Executive Director John Freeman.

The Friday afternoon session on June 23 will take place at the State Theater, 233 E. Front St and the topic will be a panel discussion on “The Future of Electric Mobility.”

Winter Gigs: a comprehensive guide

by M’Lynn Harwell | Freshwater Events (from our Talent Toolkit)

Whenever possible, it is probably best to just say “no” to outdoor winter events in cold climates. It’s simply not a smart idea to play outdoor shows in the dead of winter, period. It’s tough on your instruments. It’s tough on audio gear. It’s tough on your hands. It’s tough on your lungs. It’s just plain tough.

Sundays | Jeff Haas and his band

7 to 9:30 pm

Jeff Haas is a longtime resident and mainstay of the Traverse City music, cultural and education scene. His hometown-based trio plus horns will perform weekly at West Bay Beach Resort, while his Detroit-based trio plus horns performs on the road and in schools as part of the award-winning Building Bridges with Music program.